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Will we have the cottage to ourselves?

At our private Caribbean seaside cottage, only one group will stay at the cottage at any time - just you and those whom you bring with you.  Our amazing staff will make your 'Tansobak' experience one to remember.


Would the kids like it?

Families have a great time at Tansobak.  In fact, without the interruption of television and video games, it's the perfect place to spend quality time with your family.  When you tire of swimming, fishing, biking, and exploring, the cottage is stocked with playing cards, a cribbage board, and a variety of books for quiet times.  (You might want to bring your favourite board game.) 


How do we get there?

The easiest route is to fly to Sangster Internation Airport in Montego Bay, and let us arrange for your transportation across the island.  Driving in Jamaica can be a little 'hair-raising', so unless you're accustomed to driving on the left, we suggest you leave the roads to experienced drivers.  Sit back and enjoy the scenery.  The trip from the airport to Little Bay is approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes.  Typical prices are $30 US per person, with an $80 US minimum.


If you like living on the wild side, there are many car rental agencies in Montego Bay (check our Links page).  Let us know if you plan to rent a car, and we'll give you detailed instructions for finding Tansobak.


Is it safe in Jamaica?

Jamaica is no different from any other country.  You need to use common sense.  In city centers or high-volume tourist areas, you need to take care.  Don't venture off on your own in the wee hours; and women, a large open purse is an invitation to trouble.  That said, we have never encountered a problem, and have always been treated with the utmost respect.


Little Bay, however, is a world apart from the urban centers.  It is a small, close-knit community where people still live by the adage 'it takes a village to raise a child'.  Within a day of arriving at Tansobak, you'll feel comfortable strolling down the road, stopping at a shop for a Ting or Red Stripe, and chatting with the locals.  In the evenings, if you hear the clacking of dominoes, or a little reggae, join in the fun!  Life is good, and the people are sweet.


Breakfast and dinner is supplied, but what about lunch?

Having to come back to the cottage for lunch often creates a hastle for our guest's plans.  Excursions to Negril or Mayfield Falls usually take the better part of the day, so it's best to buy lunch there. 


Plus, we urge you to try some of the locale fare.  No visit to Little Bay is complete without a taste of Uncle Sam's conch soup, Tiki's fried chicken, or Shorty's jerk pork.


Of course, you're always welcome to use the kitchenette on the main floor to create your own lunch-time snack.

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